Ukiah Daily Journal
Monday, August 18, 1969

Old Judge Held house now Historical Society's `home'

The address, 603 W. Perkins Street, is now the headquarters of the Mendocino County Historcal society.

Plans for the use of the fine old residence, for many years the home of the late Judge and Mrs. W.D.L. Held, civic leaders, were culminated for the society with a conference between the society's committee - Mrs. Robert J. Lee and Merle Orchard, attorney - and William P. Held of San Francisco, son of the Helds and owner of the property, and James F. Busch, his attorney.

Held had offered the residence, appraised at $40,000, to the society last spring as a headquarters and acceptance of the donation has been pending due to legal details.

Need for storage space spurred the conference and an inspection by Bill Montgomery, society president; Robert J. Lee and John Keller of the possibilities of the use of the garage and two sheds on the property for storage purposes. Some of the society's property has been housed in a vacant downtown store but as this has been rented the articles have to be moved.

The building will not be used as a museum, but for the headquarters of the society.

It was pointed out that many details must be completed before the building is actually turned over by Held to the society. There are the legal details to be completed and Held has planned to put on a new roof and paint the residence before releasing it. Some yard work is also to be done.

Arrangements must be made for disposition of the furniture and other possessions of the Helds, left as they were at the death of Judge Held. There is a large library of books and the law library of the judge to be taken care of. This latter will be one of the first duties of the society.

On the first floor the house includes an office, a library, a living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and baths. The office, used by Judge Held, will become the society's office headquarters and already, according to mrs. Lee, mail is being addressed to 603 W. Perkins Street for the society instead of to the numerous, separate homes of the officials and committeefolk of the society.

The official turning over of the property as a fine gift on behalf of his parents is planned for September by Held, Busch said, but no definite date has been set as yet for the residence becoming officially the property of the Mendocino County Historical society.

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