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Friday, July 19, 1963

Historical Soc. Dedicates Little Red School House

The dedication of the Little Red School House on the Willits Road was held Sunday July 14, 1963.

Mrs. T. 0. Moungaven, President of the Mendocino County Historical Society, gave the welcome speech toward this program.

The Invocation was made by Rev. J. Lewis Kent, First Presbyterian Church, Ft. Bragg.

The Introduction of dignitaries were Board of Supervisors, Board of Education, Superintendent of Schools, former teachers and former students.

George Ward, Corresponding Secretary, Mendocino Co. His. Society made the Introduction of Mr. John Taylor, County Superintendent of Schools.

He was the guest speaker for this dedication program.

The remarks were given by Joseph Sacramella, Chairman County Board of Supervisors.

An introduction was made of Miss Violet Rowe, the last teacher at the school and she also gave her speech.

The Flag Raising Ceremony were led by Miss Rowe, Mrs. William Bradley and Mr. Fred Hickey.

Miss Rowe led the flag salute.

It was a pleasure to be able to show to the public as well as the Historical Society, the Little Red School House, restored to usability. The combined efforts of the Mendocino Historical Society and the inmates and officers of Chamberlain Creek Conservation Camp made this possible. We were able to hold our meeting and Dedication in the building and some of the members and friends sat in the desks used by the pupils when they attended the school there.

There were about 150 people at the dedication. Although there were not too many former students present, there were many who have fond recolletions of those who attended school there.

The cooperative efforts of many were necessary to make this dedication a success. The Historical Society wishes to thank all of those who have helped in making this dedication possible. We wish to especially express our appreciation to C. Louis Wood, Dodge dealer, for the use of a pick-up to haul the chairs to and from the school; to Brian Fairlee, of Cannarr-Fairlee Funeral Home, for the use of the folding chairs and to Mrs. Ralph Robbins for driving the pick-up and Mrs. Daniel Hamer, for the gift of the 48 star flag for the flag raising. We wish to thank Mr. Brady, Mr. Elliott, Mr. Nicholson and Lt. Becker for their cooperation in innumerable ways, to make this, the completion of our first project, the success that it was.

Preceding the Dedication, a picnic was enjoyed by all attending. This was followed by our Annual Business meeting and election of officers.

The following officers were elected for the year July 1963 to July 1964. President, Mrs. Thomas 0. Moungovan; Fort Bragg; Vice President, Rankin Richard, Boonville; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Harvey Sawyers, Willits; Corresponding Secretary, George Ward, Ukiah; Treasurer, Mrs. Robert Lee, Ukiah.

The By-Laws were revised as had been previously suggested.

Mrs. Moungovan reported on the meeting of the Conference of California Historical Societies that was held in San Francisco. One of the interesting things that our Historical Society has been asked to do is to sponsor a project for Mendocino County to record the names of the graves in the various cemeteries of those who died before 1900. This does not mean the Historical Society will do it, but will act as the coordinator for organizations who wish to help in this project. This will include private burial grounds as well as cemeteries.

The next meeting of the Historical Society will be held September 1, at Harwood Park in Laytonville. All interested people are invited.

The Society had another twenty or so members join since our last meeting. We are on our way to 300 membership. Won't you help us reach that goal?

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