Ukiah Daily Journal
Tuesday, May 8, 1956

Geo. Ward Elected President of County Historical Society

The Mendocino County Historical Society was officially formed Sunday at a gathering of interested persons in the Palace Hotel. George Ward of Ukiah was elected by those present to be the first president of the organization.

Other officers elected were Mark Carpenter of Ukiah, vice-president, Miss Marion Marvin, Ukiah librarian, secretary, and Richard Mazzoni of Ukiah, treasurer.

Most of the meeting, which got under way in the Redwood Room at 2:30 Sunday afternoon, was taken up with discussion of a proposed draft of by-laws presented by Mark Carpenter. The by-laws were adopted with some revisions.

An executive committee for the organization will consist of the four officers plus five directors, one to represent each of the supervisorial districts. Judge Hale McCowen of Ukiah, John Philbrick of Laytonville and. Mrs. Joan Stornetta of Point Arena were appointed to the board. Directors from the other two districts, which were not

repesented at the meeting will be appointed, in the near future by Ward.

Miss Marvin said that the society was set up by districts so as to insure that all parts of the county are

represented and also so that historical projects can be pursued by groups locally.

It was decided to consider all persons at the meeting as members of the society. Membership dues will be one dollar per year, $10 for contributing membership, and $100 for life membership.

Pierce Stipp, fairgrounds manager, attended the meeting and requested that the society set up an exhibit at the 12th District Fair, August 9-12. Norman Duhn was appointed chairman for the fair, exhibit.

The next meeting of the society will be held the second Sunday of July at which time new officers and directors will be selected for the fiscal year.

Persons interested in the society are requested to contact Miss Marvin at the library or to attend the next meeting. Miss Marvin said that a great number of persons have shown an interest in the society.

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